Friday, November 13, 2015

In Memoriam – 158 Dead and Rising

 Your music died, your sounds replaced
Ripping bullets, bombs, souls displaced
Sipping coffee, pouring wine, smiles arise
Interruptions blast, bodies fly, evil tries
To terrify, murder, to kill what they fear
Ignorance meets hubris, roughness near
False gods called, their minds destroyed
Military actions, distortions so deployed
Their toxicity spreads to those disgraced
Hopelessness and hate, truth misplaced
We pray for all those who perished today
Paris cried, we observed that deadly fray
Forgiveness struggles against eye for eye
 Can peace arise or upon violence to rely

Paris, know that our hearts, our thoughts, our prayers are with you tonight. We stand, side-by-side, by you in this troubled time. Brothers and sisters sharing family grief. Beirut, we feel your pain. Libya, Syria, Iraq, Israel, Palestine… we see your blood. We pray for you all.

     I’m Peter Dekom, and tonight I cried.

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